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Chineasy™ 100 Postcards


Chineasy™ 100 Postcards

Learn Chinese with Chineasy, a groundbreaking approach that transforms key Chinese characters into pictograms for easy recall and comprehension.

The Chinese language is made up of thousands of characters. For many people, learning this language could be daunting, but Chineasy makes the first steps simple.

  • Chineasy starts off with essential high-frequency characters
  • Each one is illustrated to show the definition of the word - visual cues help with comprehension and memory
  • With 2 boxes of the post cards, you can also play games that make learning Chinese fun and enjoyable!

Write to Learn

Learning is more fun with friends ! Learn and write Chinese with these interesting postcards to friends and family. With 100 different designs and characters, use the characters as creative writing prompts or just choose one that befits your intended message. 

Play to Learn

Playful learning doesn’t mean playing the same game again and again. Chineasy is designed to allow you to create new ways of playing and learning. All you need to do is get 2 boxes of the postcards or just get the Chineasy Memory Game (note that the Chineasy Memory Game contains 30 characters).

Memory Game 

Memory game is a fun way to learn characters and enhance visual memory. Match each Chineasy™ illustration with its Chinese character, and before you know it you'll have learnt to read 30 Chinese words!


2 players each lay identical sets of 5 by 5 cards facing down in a square format and take turns calling out their chosen characters to form horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines. Completing a line earns you a letter B, followed by I and then N, to G and O. The first to score BINGO wins the game!


Shuffle the cards and divide them into 2 decks. 2 players will each open a card at the same time between them and place the cards adjacent to each other on the table or floor. When identical cards are displayed, the first to shout snap and place his or her palm down on the pair of cards wins and gets to collect the cards. At the end of the deck, the one with the most number of pairs of cards wins the game. This game is also known as Heart Attack in some circles - for good reason as it is so fun!

Have fun learning Chinese the Chineasy way!