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Noah's Ark - Bible Craft Kit
Noah's Ark - Bible Craft Kit
Noah's Ark - Bible Craft Kit
Noah's Ark - Bible Craft Kit
Noah's Ark - Bible Craft Kit


Noah's Ark - Bible Craft Kit

Bring the story of Noah’s Ark to life with this fun stickers-cum-DIY crafty kids' kit!

Noah's Ark Sticker Scene

  • 1x A4 laminated background sheet that is suitable for repositionable stickering
  • 1x A4 sticker sheet (acid-free. 64 stickers in all)

    One of the first lessons that children learn in Sunday School is Noah and his Ark filled with animals. This will be a popular activity with the kids as they can design their own unique Noah's Ark scene by choosing where to place animal stickers on the A4 background sheet. There are 64 stickers to choose from.
  • Noah's Ark Roll Stickers

    • 5 strips of Noah's Ark roll stickers (25 stickers in all)

    There are plenty of additional Noah's Ark stickers for them to use in their prayer journals and bible study activities. 

    The assortment includes Noah and his wife and all the animals that came two by two onto the ark. The little ones will find the animals too cute to resist. 

    Religious Roll Stickers

    • 5 strips of Christian roll stickers (25 stickers in all)
    Assorted stickers in cross, angel, church and other spiritual shapes, which can be used to encourage and inspire Sunday School students. 

    God Keeps His Promises

    • 1x DIY Magnetic Foam Stickers Rainbow Craft Project 

    Kids will also love to make and put up their very own magnetic foam rainbow creation as a reminder that 'God Keeps His Promises'. It features a rain cloud, rainbow and peaceful dove. This 6" x 4" craft project makes a fun activity for all at home.

    Note: For your convenience, the self-adhesive foam stickers are made using the Xyron Sticker Maker. You only need to peel the foam stickers off from the sticker strip to adhere them together to form a rainbow. The magnet is also included. No additional adhesives are required. Easy-peasy!